Monday, May 22, 2000

Bongo Friendee City Runner Briza

Bongo Friendee City Runner Briza based on Bongo Friendee RS-V/RF-V

Mazda Bongo Friendee City Runner Briza

Note: The City Runner Briza has specifications identical to the limited-edition City Runner, which was released in December 1999.
- 2-wheel-drive, 2,000-cc gasoline "RS-V" engine version with normal roof,4EC automatic transmission
- 2-wheel-drive, 2,500-cc V-6 gasoline "RF-V" engine version with normal roof,4EC automatic transmission
- 4-wheel-drive, 2,500-cc diesel "RF-V" engine version with auto free top,4EC automatic transmission

The Original models are all cold-region specification.

Mazda Bongo Friendee Briza

Changes to the original model:
- Front and side spoilers, rear under spoiler
- 15-inch aluminum wheels (2,500-cc diesel and V-6 gasoline engine versions, shiny type in case of V-6 gasoline engine version)
- Front fog lamps
- Custom one-point decal
- Dark-tinted windows (side and rear)
- Leather wrapped steering wheel
- Moquette seat cover fabric with accented design
- LED-type high-mounted stop lamp (built-in roof spoiler)
- Windows with ultraviolet filtering (all windows)
- Water-repellent side mirrors and front side windows (side mirrors match exterior paint color)
- Twin-type fully automatic air conditioner (with rear heater)
- Motorized side window curtains (2,500-cc V-6 gasoline and diesel engine versions)
- Easy-closing sliding doors
- Large ottoman
- Four rear speakers
- Black window frames
(All of the above features are standard on versions equipped with the 2,000-cc gasoline engine or 2,500-cc V-6 or diesel engine.)
Exterior colors:Chaste White (all versions), Brilliant Black (2,500-cc V-6 gasoline engine version)
Sales limit:1,000 units
Availability:Mazda and Mazda Anfini dealerships throughout Japan

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