Monday, May 22, 2000

Launched Limited Briza Series

Mazda Motor Corporation today launched the limited Briza series equipped with aero parts for five models - Premacy, Demio, Familia S-Wagon, Bongo Friendee and Capella Wagon- which goes on sale immediately through the corresponding dealerships. Along with aero parts, each model of Briza series offers more stylish and sporty appearance.

Mazda starts "MM" project with Briza series-- a new initiative to continuously introduce new product actions which incorporates the voice of customer and distinctively embodies Mazda's brand personality expressed as "Stylish", "Insightful," and "Spirited."

Limited Briza series is the first series model of this project reflecting customers' voice and market trends gathered by present. In line with a limited edition's unified theme "Designed by Air," several features -- mainly aero parts, which are popular among the target users of Briza series, single male and female, or young family -- are equipped on each model. These features make Briza series more stylish and sporty models, especially enhancing "Stylish" and "Spirited" of Mazda brand personality.

Briza series keeps affordability in each model with less price-up from the base model while enriching features, giving increased value-for money by the range of 64,000 to 160,000 yen in market estimated value.

Under MM project, Mazda collects voice and requests of customers as to want-features and -accessories for MM-project product actions through communication with customers at dealers and Mazda's homepage. MM project, as a whole, intends to concretely propose Mazda's brand message - "New Ideas That Stir Your Emotions "japanese"

MM project implements an unified campaigning for its communication including showroom display at outlets, publicity, and advertisement, which customers perceives Mazda Brand totally.

The sales number of Briza series is 11,650 units for 5 models in total

* l "MM project" is named as symbolizing MORE MAZDA (to be more Mazda). It also implies the hope for closer connection between "Mazda and Market"
* l Briza is deprived from an ancient Spanish word which meaning is "gentle breeze" to evolve the features of aero-parts limited series. It also implies Mazda's hope to provide customers with exhilarating lifestyle.

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