Thursday, May 25, 2000

Titan Cargo Box, Handling

The newly designed plywood*-covered (*inside only: used to prevent cargo from getting damaged) cargo box has the largest storage capacity for a vehicle in this class and provides more efficient loading than ever before. The floor of the cargo box is close to the ground and, together with the lightweight gate, makes easier loading and unloading. Also, features such as flat outer boards on the gates and road rest stoppers that can be stored away to prevent the hood from becoming broken will provide enhanced cargo usability.
(1) Newly Designed Plywood-covered Cargo Box
- The newly designed plywood-covered cargo box is 3,120 mm (20 mm more than previous model) long and 1,620 mm wide (20 mm more than previous model) on a standard cabin, standard body model.
- Cargo can be loaded in the plywood-covered cargo box up to a height of 380 mm, which is 10 mm higher than on previous models. This permits loading of large cargo, with the ability to accommodate two layers of oil drums, for example, one stacked on top of the other.
- The wide-low and full-wide-low models offer low cargo floors for easy loading and unloading. The wide-low model, which is typically used for hand loading and light cargoes, is the lowest to the ground in its class, at 765 mm (1.5-ton cargo capacity, manual transmission).
(2) Accessories to Facilitate Cargo Handling
- Depressions and protrusions within the plywood-covered cargo box have been minimized as much as possible to prevent damage to items.
- The outer boards on the gates are flat to make them easier to write on and provide an modern appearance.
- The gates have been made more rigid, while at the same time the boards are thinner to lighten their overall weight. The long and very-long body models are equipped with assist mechanisms to make it easier to open and close the gates.
- The road rests are equipped with stoppers that can be stored away and the stopper configuration has been designed to prevent the hood from becoming broken. Also, the top of the road rests has three holes to secure wooden roof bows in place.
(3) Enhanced Cargo Usability
- A total of 125 individual improvements reveal its exceptional cargo usability that indicate easier loading/unloading and wider cargo functionality.
- More storage space has been secured by changing the position of the engine air intake and improving the design of the chassis frame.

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