Thursday, May 25, 2000

Titan Comfortable, Roomy Cabin

1. Comfortable, Roomy Cabin

The cabin offers, in the newly-added high-roof models, the class top interior space. In addition, the optimized driving position and fatigue-reducing seat configuration provide superior driving comfort. The large side door openings make getting in and out easier.
(1) The Top-of-the class Cabin Space
- The cabin features a square configuration with a raised angle for the front pillars. This allows more headroom as well as more space on the right and left sides on the newly-added high-roof models, full-wide-low and also wide-low models (2-ton/1.5-ton cargo capacity standard body models, excluding automatic transmission models). The overall cabin space is the largest available in this vehicle's class. There is a plenty of headroom even if the driver is wearing a helmet.
- Sufficient leg room has been made available by changing the position of the engine air intake opening, moving the seats slightly further toward the rear, and using a flat floor panel.
(2) Easy to Get In and Out
- Large side door openings make getting in and out of the new Titan easier.
- Climbing in and out is facilitated by assist grips on the front pillars that are positioned within easy reach, large ribbed side steps, and grip steps on the wheel arches (used when climbing down).
- The seat cushion is low and flat to make getting out of the cabin easier. The seat back and seat cushion material is highly elastic urethane; it helps absorb road vibrations and contributes to a more comfortable ride.
(3) Optimized Driving Position
- The steering column has a lower angle than on previous Titan models, and the tilt and telescoping adjustment ranges have been enlarged.
- The slide range for the driver's seat has been increased from 160 to 180 mm, while the gaps between the slider stops have been reduced to 12 mm.

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