Tuesday, July 18, 2000

Mazda i-mode car navigation system

Mazda Motor Corporation will offer the "Mazda Telematics" DVD car navigation system with an "i-mode" compatible function as a factory option in the new Millenia. Mazda will be the first automaker to introduce the i-mode compatible car navigation system as a factory option.

Mazda i-mode car navigation system
The Mazda Telematics Center, established on June 1, 2000, provides information to customers using the Internet, car navigation system, and home PC. By incorporating compatible function with the i-mode, increasingly popular in Japan, customers can enjoy more information service options.

The advantages of using the i-mode with Mazda Telematics car navigation are as follows:

1. Various i-mode services are available on the Mazda Telematics car navigation
- Users can browse i-mode web sites on the car navigation unit display.
- Users can enjoy i-mode services including "mobile banking" and "ticket reservation," as well as the contents especially designed for the car navigation use.
2. Telephone charges can be reduced in accessing the Mazda Telematics Center
- Mazda Telematics car navigation is designed to enable users to access the center with the "Packet-data transmission system," and they will be charged according to the volume of data transmitted, not the time spent on line.
- The telephone charge to access the center can be reduced compared to using a general mobile phone. Users will not be charged for browsing information on the display, but only for downloading.

Any customer can use this service of Mazda Telematics by registering for membership, and there is no admission fee or annual membership fee (*2). Mazda Telematics is available through the Internet. Retrieval of area information is also available using home PC, and information found on the center can be transmitted to the car navigation system.

With Brand Massage "Kokoro wo ugokasu shin hassou - New ideas that stir your emotions," Mazda has been striving to promote our Brand Management Strategy for a closer "emotional connection" with our customers. Mazda believes this insightful information service will increase customer satisfaction by maximizing communication with customers.

(*1) "i-mode" is a registered trademark of NTT DoCoMo, inc. To use the "i-mode" service, contracts for "Packet-data transmission" and "i-mode service" are required plus a mobile phone (800MHz) contract. To use "i-mode" service" on Mazda Telematics car navigation, an adapter unit (combined with a hands-free system)" and a car navigation-compatible "i-mode" mobile phone are required.
(*2) To connect to "Mazda Telematics Center" with a compatible car navigation system, optional adapter unit (combined with a hands-free system) and mobile phone are required. Cdma-One and PHS mobile phones are not compatible. The telephone charge and provider fee should be paid by the customer.

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