Tuesday, July 18, 2000

Mazda Millenia Craftsmanship Higher Quality

The superb quality of elements such as the exquisitely crafted instrument panel, created using powder slash molding, has already been widely praised, and the new Millenia raises the level of quality still higher.

Mazda Millenia 1995
In response to customer demand, the doors now open and close with a more solid, quality feel, and the switches and other controls are easier to see. The fine craftsmanship that went into the new Millenia is apparent throughout.
- The nighttime illumination of the audio system, door locks, and other items is now all a refined white hue. It provides both excellent legibility and a luxurious, high-grade look. The lettering on controls of systems such as the climate control system has been enlarged for improved legibility.
- The configuration of the insertion blade and buckle for the front seatbelts has been changed to make them easier to fasten.
- The upper portion of the backs of the reclining front seat has an added depression to provide a closer, more comfortable match with the back of the person sitting in them, and to hold the persons more securely in place.
- The internal mechanism of the door latches has been altered to provide a more solid sound when the door is closed. Also, vibration damping sheets have been applied to the door panels to enable the outer and inner door handles operate more smoothly.
- The sound the trunk lid makes when being closed has been improved, and enhancements have been added to prevent water from dripping into the trunk if being opened while it is raining.
- The pillars as well as the front and rear headers are urethane-filled to further eliminate extraneous noise.

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