Tuesday, July 18, 2000

New Roadster Major Feature

1. Sportier styling and higher quality: front mask contains redesigned headlamps and front bumper.
2. New powerful 1.8-liter engine: contains the Sequential Valve Timing (S-VT) mechanism to optimize the open/close timing of the intake valves, for smoother acceleration, and improved performance.
3. Further enhanced handling performance: thanks to the enhanced body frames, increased body rigidity from new added cross members, the revised suspension and enhanced braking response.
4. New high-back driver and passenger bucket seats: provide better support and the enhanced feeling of "oneness between car and driver."
5. User-friendly equipment: includes the upgradeable new audio system and the easy-to-use center console incorporating cup holders.

New Mazda Roadster 1800 RS
* As of the end of June 2000, 565,779 units of the Roadster were produced. The mass production of the Roadster started in April 1989. Roadster evolved into the second model in January 1998.

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