Tuesday, July 18, 2000

Mazda Millenia Enhanced Practicality, Comfort

The new Millenia features plenty of storage space and a new upgradeable audio system for even more practicality and comfort.

Mazda Millenia Comfort
- The center console configuration has been completely revamped. Two new cup holders, with lids, are located behind the automatic transmission shift lever for easy access from the front seats. The cup holders for the rear seat passengers are equipped with adapters that allow them to hold a variety of different types of containers, including plastic beverage bottles.
- There is a two-level oversized console box. The upper compartment has a convenient tray for storing a mobile phone, sunglasses, or the like, while the main lower compartment is large enough to store ten CDs with their label sides facing upward. The main compartment is also equipped with an accessory socket that can be used to supply power to a mobile phone or portable computer.
- The ashtrays have been enlarged and the compartment for cigarette butts can be removed easily.
- A fully automatic climate control system including an air filter with aldehyde removal is standard equipment on all versions.
- The audio system contains separable audio components. This makes it easy to add more functions in the future, such as an audio cassette tape deck or an MD player. This audio system configuration shows a new concept that the user can add to the audio system new components including the advanced audio appliance that supports the digital music distribution systems. This Mazda-original audio system provides a new level of post-purchase extensibility.

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