Tuesday, July 18, 2000

New Sporty two-seater Roadster

Here's good news for lovers of lightweight open two-seater sports cars. The best just got better.Mazda Motor Corporation's new Roadster, just introduced at Mazda Anfini and other selected Mazda dealers throughout Japan, has a powerful new 1.8-liter engine, increased body rigidity, and a number of exterior and interior enhancements.

Mazda Sport Roadster
Since the launch of the original Roadster in September 1989, Mazda's engineers have continued to embrace the "oneness between car and driver" philosophy for Roadster, aiming at providing drivers with a refreshing feel of open-car driving and distinctive styling. Generating a new market for lightweight, open two-seat sports cars, Mazda has sold over 565,000 units* of the Roadster worldwide since 1989. The Roadster was recognized recently as the world's top-selling two-seater sports car by Guinness World Records.

Roadster reflects Mazda's commitment to deliver cars that are "stylish," "insightful" and "spirited" through "distinctive design," "exceptional functionality" and "responsive handling and performance." The Roadster is one of the products that best embodies Mazda's brand personality.

The Mazda Roadster delivers "driving pleasure that provides the feel of oneness between car and driver, " which is known as "Dynamic DNA." Mazda applies this attribute to other passenger vehicles of Mazda to achieve the responsive handling and performance aspect of the company's product philosophy.

Incorporating a series of significant improvements into the engine, body and suspension system, the new Roadster achieves "oneness between car and driver" at an even higher level. Monthly sales volume in Japan is expected to be approximately 500 units.

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