Friday, July 14, 2000

Price estimates for new cars, used cars

On July 19, Mazda Motor Corporation's website will offer two new customer services -- price estimates for new cars and model searches for used cars. Customers can also register online for Mazda's web-designated program. Targeting the fast-growing Internet audience, Mazda believes these new services will establish closer two-way communication with customers. Here's how it works:

Mazda used car
1. Price estimate: new cars
Mazda has set up a network of dealers throughout Japan who will offer online price estimates for all passenger vehicle models.
2. Model search: used cars
This service offers customers Internet access to a large database of used cars. Customers can also use the site to ask a dealer to find a model that they want.
3. Registration for 'Mazda Web Members'
Mazda website members will enjoy a number of benefits including free gifts, discount options, information about car maintenance and outdoor activities.
4. Registration for 'MM Project' members
Mazda is the first Japanese automaker to set up a permanent website for registered members for the purpose of studying customers' needs. This website allows customers to become a member of the program known as the "MM Project."

Mazda's website has a new look, too. The site has become more user-friendly, featuring an easy-to-view design and excellent accessibility.

Mazda's Internet marketing efforts have already brought about several achievements. Here are some of the highlights of Mazda's innovative use of the Internet:

- Mazda announced a sales alliance with CarPoint (November 1999).
- In showcasing the Internet limited version "web-tuned@DEMIO" on the Internet, Mazda became the first automaker to offer trade-in inspections and credit checks using e-mail (January 2000).
- Mazda established its own Internet Marketing department (March 2000).
- Mazda announced a sales alliance with Autobytel (June 2000).

The latest services, available July 19, help customers find a vehicle that they really want by giving them the information they need.

"This new website will enhance our relationship with customers," said Mark Fields, President of Mazda Motor Corporation. "We will bring new features to our website in the future. We are determined to remain the leader in this field."

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