Tuesday, July 18, 2000

Philosophy Makes Driving Fun

To make its cars distinctive, Mazda Motor Corporation concentrates on three areas: Design DNA, Packaging DNA and Dynamic DNA.
Mazda Driving Fun
Through Design DNA, Mazda engineers use the "contrast in harmony" design theme and five-point grille to give Mazda vehicles a distinctive look.

Through Package DNA, Mazda engineers build into the cars thoughtful ergonomic features such as easy-to-reach switches, spacious interiors and flexible seat arrangements for excellent functionality.

For the new Millenia and Roadster, Mazda engineers focused especially on responsive handling and performance, which Mazda defines as Dynamic DNA.

Through Dynamic DNA, Mazda engineers make cars fun to drive. They define Dynamic DNA as the concept of delivering driving pleasure through a feeling of "oneness between car and driver," including responsive handling and performance. To achieve the "oneness" feeling, Mazda engineers seek the total balance of driving dynamics, including responsiveness and linear character for accelerating and braking. In the performance field, Mazda has achieved a high reputation in the concept of pursuing driving pleasure with the "oneness" feeling embodied in sports cars, like Roadster and RX-7.

"Dynamic DNA covers four areas-handling and steering, braking, ride and performance feel," said Philip R. Martens, managing director in charge of Product Planning, Design and Programs. "In the first area, we aim for 'preciseness.' The vehicle should follow the line where the driver is aiming the car, reflecting the driver's steering input in any situation while continuously providing positive feedback."

Drivers of all new Mazda passenger cars, including the new Millenia and the new Roadster, will experience the refined driving pleasure that comes from Mazda's Dynamic DNA commitment.

The new Millenia and Roadster feature major enhancements to its suspension, steering system brakes and body, resulting in more comfort and driving pleasure.

"The new Millenia and the new Roadster will bring back the joy and feeling of your first driving experience," Martens added. "Driving dynamics are what truly separates these cars from the competition."

Mazda has adopted "new ideas that stir your emotions" as its brand message. Mazda defines its brand essence as "stylish," "insightful" and "spirited" through "distinctive design," "exceptional functionality," and "responsive handling and performance."

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