Tuesday, July 18, 2000

Roadster 1800 RS Overview

Mazda Roadster 1800 RS

1. New Dynamic Styling for a Sporty, High-grade Look
Mazda has revamped the exterior and interior to reflect the company's design theme, "contrast in harmony," resulting in an even sportier and more forceful look.
- The front air intake opening incorporates the "five-point grille," for the distinctive Mazda family appearance. Slimmer headlamps create a sharp and stylish impression.
- The headlamps consist of multi-reflector-type high beam lamps and projector-type low beam lamps. Additionally, the rear combination-lamps incorporate a new design that give the turn-flasher compartment a transparent look.
- Instrument panel gauges incorporate a white-colored meter panel, a shiny metal frame and an amber-illuminated lamp. The re-designed door trims lend a sporty and sophisticated feel.
- The RS model, designed for better handling performance, features a black interior. The RS-II model features a two-toned interior color: black and red.

2. Driving Pleasure that Gives the Feel of "Oneness between Car and Driver"
Roadster delivers "driving pleasure that gives the feel of oneness between car and driver," which is known as Mazda's "Dynamic DNA," a development theme common among Mazda's products. Roadster conveys "precise steering and handling," "responsive and linear braking," "composed and confident ride" and "linear and lively performance."

The new Roadster also incorporates improvements to its engine, body and suspension and, as the symbol of the Mazda brand, delivers further improved driving pleasure.

Improved Engine Performance
The 1.8-liter engine now incorporates the S-VT mechanism that optimizes the open/close timing of the intake valves from low to high rpm ranges. Additionally, the improved intake/exhaust system provides smoother accelerating performance up to the high rpm range and attains a sporty and pleasant engine sound.

Engine Maximum output (net) Maximum torque (net)
1.8-liter DOHC S-VT 118kw (160PS)/7000rpm 170Nm (17.3kg-m)/5500rpm

More Rigid Body, Improved Suspension, and Newly-adopted Tires
- Components that contribute to body rigidity, such as the body frame and cross members, have undergone painstaking improvements. The more rigid body results in more solid handling, a smoother ride, and an overall higher-quality driving experience.
- The RS and RS-II models, which were designed with an emphasis on power and acceleration, are now equipped with 205/45R16-inch tires and lightweight 16-inch aluminum wheels with flat flanges.
- The body of the RS and RS-II models incorporate reinforcements such as newly added truss members for substantially increased rigidity.
- The RS and RS-II models are equipped with a new type of damper manufactured by Bilstein that has additional valves for controlling the rebound side only. This is the first time these dampers, which contribute to improved driving dynamics, have been offered in Japan.

Enhanced Brakes
- Enlarged brake components provide improved braking performance with a more responsive feel. Models equipped with 16-inch tires have larger brake discs; and the brakes on models equipped with 14- or 15-inch tires have over-sized master cylinders and boosters.
- For more precise braking, a four-wheel ABS-enhanced Electronically-controlled Braking force Distribution (EBD) system, which automatically optimizes the distribution of braking force to match the front and rear load when the brakes are applied, is now available either standard or optional, depending on the model.

Improved Seat Structure
The seats have been enhanced to provide better support for the shoulder, lumbar, and side areas. This provides drivers with driving pleasure that gives the feel of oneness between car and driver.

3. More Convenience in Day-to-day Driving
To ensure that the new sports car is enjoyable to drive on a daily basis, Roadster features an innovative upgradeable audio system and the redesigned center console.
- The audio system contains separable audio components. This makes it easy to add more functions in the future, such as a CD changer or an MD player. This audio system configuration shows a new concept that the user can add to the audio system new components including the advanced audio appliance that supports the digital music distribution systems. This Mazda-original audio system provides a new level of post-purchase extensibility.
- The size of the center console box has been increased to accommodate up to six CDs.
- The shape and location of the cup holders and ashtray have been modified to make them easier to use. It is also possible to remove the ashtray and use the resulting space as a storage compartment for small objects or another cup holder.
- A keyless entry system including a trunk-lid opener is available as standard or as an option on certain models. This makes the trunk, which is large enough to accommodate two golf bags (9-inch size), even more convenient.

4. Enhanced Safety
- Standard equipment on all models now includes seatbelts with pretensioners and load limiters, as well as the previously offered Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) airbags on the driver and passenger sides.

- Suggested Retail Vehicle Base Prices (Excluding Consumption Tax)
(Unit: 1,000 yen)

Engine Model Transmission Domestic suggested retail price
M 5MT 1,839
4EC-AT 1,982
SP 5MT 1,990
4EC-AT 2,040
1800 DOHC
S 6MT 2,178
4EC-AT 2,226
RS 6MT 2,328
RS-II 6MT 2,437
VS 6MT 2.390
4EC-AT 2,438

Note: Add 48,000 yen for four-wheel ABS (standard equipment on SP and AT models).

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