Thursday, February 15, 2001

Capella Wagon Primary Updates

Mazda Capella Wagon V-RX Sport

Mazda Capella Wagon V-RX Sport

1. New added models to enhance a sporty feeling

- All-time four-wheel-drive and 2.5-liter V6 engine "VR-X" and "VR-X Sport" models
- 2.0-liter four-in-line front engine and front wheel drive "SX Sport" model

2. Sporty interior and exterior look for new 2.5-Liter V-RX Sport and 2.5-Liter SX Sport

- Blackout headlamps (black-colored on the bezel portion)
- Black door sashes (for all models including the new models)
- Genuine leather-wrapped Nardi steering wheel (black)
- Black and gray two-tone colored instrument panel
- Carbon-stylized instrument panel, power window switch bezels and center console panel
- Black-accented metal mesh seats

3. Popular features as standard equipment

- Fully automatic climate control system
- Keyless entry system with answering function
- New concept audio system that allows customers to add or replace audio components
- Anti-ultraviolet dark-tinted glass for rear door, rear quarter and reargate windows (except 4WD-SE)

4. New Outer Panel Color

Platinum Silver Metallic (all former colors are also available.)

5. Grade Revision (integration)

Two-wheel-drive SE --> SX.
Four-wheel-drive S-RX --> V-RX.

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