Thursday, February 1, 2001

Mazda Web-Tuned Factory website

The "Web-Tuned Factory" website enables customers to create a model that isn't available at dealerships. There are 4,160 different combination on web-tuned@Roadster and 912 different combination on web-tuned@S-WAGON by selecting engine, transmission, exterior and interior color with customers preference.

Mazda RX-8 tuning

Mazda RX-8 tuning

For example, web-exclusive package models include:

- Mazda Roadster with an economical 1.6-liter engine and luxurious tan genuine leather seats
- Mazda Roadster with a luxurious VS model interior and exterior specifications and the smooth-handling RS model suspension
- Mazda Famillia S-WAGON with cost-effective 1.5-liter engine and the Sport 20 model exterior specifications

Mazda Web-Tuned Factory
Mazda Web-Tuned Factory / RX-8 RS6

In addition, "web-tune@Roadster" gives Internet customers the chance to order the web-exclusive Sunburst Yellow color.** Or they can order a "web-tuned@S-WAGON" with a special seat fabric option.

The web-tuned@Roadster features Sony's Xplod®*** high-power audio system. Incorporating superior sonic imaging, this audio system creates a pleasant soundstage for occupants.

Also, Internet customers can add dealer option items to their models. Since the price of the customized model in Built-to-Order is lower thanks to reduced sales cost , customers can purchase a model with their preferable specification in more affordable price.

Mazda will tie up with Sony Style.Com Japan in this project on its EC site "Sony Style (" The company provides customizable product and Mazda jointly promote the fun of customization on the web site. "Sony Style" plans to set up special site for web-tuned@Roadster in the mid of February and show a popularity poll by user on the web-tuned@Roadsters which "Sony Style" customize.

Mazda's Internet marketing efforts brought about several achievements in 2000. Mazda became Japan's first automaker to provide customers with e-mail trade-in inspection and credit authorization services for the web-tuned@DEMIO, Mazda's first Internet-edition product introduced in January. Using a network of dealerships or a database on the Internet, the company began to help Internet customers find a new or used Mazda vehicle in July. Moreover, Mazda set up a permanent website to study customers' needs, where registered members can enjoy various membership services, such as providing information on car maintenance, outdoor activities, Mazda's giveaway campaigns, etc.

The idea for the Web-Tuned Factory site originated from a customer's suggestion. "Web-Tuned Factory is a revolutionary new business model," says Mark Fields, President of Mazda Motor Corporation. "We will continue to strive for the "new ideas that stir your emotions," to enhance the relationship with our customers, and to make customers' lives easier and more fun."

* Available only on web-tuned@Roadster.
** Sunburst Yellow is the outer panel color exclusive to the web-tuned@Roadster models. Only first 450 customers who schedule a dealer-site meeting for their web-tuned@Roadster by March 19 are eligible for this special color.
*** Xplod® is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.

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