Tuesday, February 27, 2001

New Millennium MX Sport Tourer

Challenge for New Millennium

New Mazda MX Sport Tourer

New Millennium Mazda MX Sport Tourer

MX SPORT TOURER epitomizes Mazda's "stylish," "insightful" and "spirited" brand personality and the company's commitment to bringing to market environmentally-friendly technology.

Highlights of MX SPORT TOURER are:

1: Sports Car Styling and Functionality

This innovative model has athletic sporty styling and innovative functions for people who enjoy the great outdoors and active lifestyles.

2: Feeling of 'Oneness between Driver and Car'

It features a new hybrid four-wheel-drive system, consisting of a lightweight, high-power front-wheel-drive 2.0-liter Sequential Valve Timing (S-VT) direct-injection gasoline engine and an electrically-controlled rear-wheel-drive electric motor. The electric motor offers clean and economical driving. Using a "Zoom-Zoom" steering wheel switch, drivers can experience fast and safe acceleration.

3: Packaging Innovation

MX SPORT TOURER has a freestyle door system with no center pillar, flexible seat functions and arrangements and wide-open vario-lamella roof that retracts from the front or the rear.

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