Tuesday, February 27, 2001

Two Special AZ-Wagon Versions

Mazda Motor Corporation is introducing two new models of the AZ-Wagon micro-mini vehicle, FM-G and FM-TX, today at Mazda Autozam dealerships throughout Japan.

Mazda FM-GMazda FM-TX

Mazda FM-G

Mazda FM-TX

The new Mazda FM-G includes air conditioning, an audio system, power windows and a keyless entry system as standard equipment all at an affordable price.

For example, the two-wheel-drive column-shift automatic transmission model costs only 999,000 yen.

the new FM-TX, featuring a turbo-charged engine, has a sporty look with aerodynamic accessories and classy cloth upholstery. It also comes equipped with a high-grade audio system with built-in MD/CD player.

Mazda expects to sell 550 units of the FM-G and FM-TX models monthly in the Japanese market.

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