Tuesday, February 27, 2001

MX Sport Tourer Design

Design: Excellent Mix of Styling and Functionality

1) Exterior Design

MX SPORT TOURER has stunning athletic and sporty styling that reflects Mazda's design DNA.

The model's wide, lowered front suggests exceptional driving performance and handling stability. The exterior features a distinctive, dynamic rear, freestyle doors with no center pillars, vario-lamella structure that lets the roof retract from the front or the rear for open-air driving, and large wheels that facilitate "responsive handling and driving performance."

2) Interior Design

The design theme for the interior is "duet sports wagon." It incorporates a sports car cockpit area and a flexible cargo area for "superb functionality."

The snug cockpit features an easy-access layout with separate controllers and indicators. Aligned horizontally, four round meters add to the sporty look, while controllers are located in an aluminum center panel. The sporty seats incorporate a ventilation function and generic belt anchors, providing easy driving and riding posture. The cockpit of MX SPORT TOURER delivers a "fun to drive" and "sport feeling," found in other Mazda products.

By lowering the rear window and sliding the vario-lamella roof forward, the silver and orange two-toned cargo area can haul objects larger than the inside cargo. For more cargo space, the user can fold down the rear seat using a cargo area controller button. The cargo area also is equipped with tie-down hooks to secure loads.

Additionally, the interior incorporates a parcel tray that can close off the view of the cluttered cargo area.

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