Tuesday, February 27, 2001

Primary Features AZ-Wagon FM-G, FM-TX

FM-G (Two-wheel-drive, 5-speed manual/4-speed automatic transmission model OR four-wheel-drive, 5-speed manual/4-speed automatic transmission model)
- Air conditioner, AM/FM radio tuner with an audio cassette deck, electrically-powered windows, keyless entry system with answering-back function, power steering, etc.
- Color-keyed door mirrors and outer door handles and front side ultraviolet-filtering windows
- Driver's seat heater and de-steaming door mirrors for the four-wheel-drive model
- Excellent fuel economy estimated at 22.5km/liter at Mode 10/15 (two-wheel-drive 5-speed manual transmission model) and "excellent" low exhaust emissions rating to meet the government's requirement for a 50% reduction in 2000
- Affordable prices of 914,000 yen for the two-wheel-drive 5-speed manual transmission model and 999,000 yen for the 4-speed column automatic transmission model
- Safety package including a driver and passenger side SRS* airbag system, four-wheel ABS with brake assisting function, front seatbelts with pretensioners as optional equipment

FM-TX (Two-wheel-drive/four-wheel-drive, 4-speed column automatic transmission model)
- Special four-halogen headlights, front**/side/rear** under spoilers, roof spoiler,** muffler ornament** and aluminum wheels equipped for a sporty look
- 2DIN-sized audio system with an MD/CD player, an audio cassette deck, an AM/FM radio tuner and four speakers including hanging quality rear speakers
- Classy seat cloths and leather door trims
- Driver- and passenger- side SRS airbag system, four-wheel ABS with brake assisting function and front seatbelts with pretensioners as standard equipment
* SRS: Supplemental Restraint System.
** Dealer option.

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